When Controversy Hits

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About 4 months ago I received an email sharing with me about a proposed proclamation coming before the City Council of Norman. Being the competitive person I am, and seeing things in a prophetic nature, I immediately blew up! Beyond, blowing up, I allowed my passion to consume me, and responded inappropriately.

After calming down I sought the counsel of my mentors, and went to meet with our Mayor to try to gain understanding on the issue. I took time to listen, and I took time to share with her my opinion on the issue.

This past Thursday I began to receive calls again, on this particular issue, with people asking me, “What are you going to do?” I think that is a great question!

How I handle controversial issues within our city:

First, I try to understand. It says in Proverbs 2 to seek understanding. I think, many times, Christians respond before understanding. For us to be a light we have to take time to hear and listen.

Second, I meet with the Mayor, and our counsel, to express my opinion on the matter. In doing so, I LISTEN first! I do not want to presume anything!

Third, I seek the counsel of mentors, and church leaders, on how to respond to the issue. I am simply not wise enough to go at things on my own.

Fourth, I remember my core values of Honoring God, building healthy relationships, and having a blast! When there is an issue I think I need to address I need to do so in a way that builds on the core values. If I express my opinion in a way that is unhealthy to relationships I miss my purpose.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Be aware of what is going on in your community! In the City of Norman, you can go online to read the City Council Agenda to see what they are voting on. I encourage you to do so on a consistent basis!
  2. Seek understanding and clarity on the issues.
  3. Share your opinions with you Council members!
  4. Honor God, build healthy relationships, and have a blast!

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