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The Fear of Worship

I have always believed that we worship what we fear. In other words, where we place our thoughts, our focus, and our reverence is ultimately what we are worshipping. Period. So we have to be intentional about setting our mind on the things of God, and responding with a Godly response.

In Acts 9, when Saul had what could have been one of his most uncertain moments in life, he led with worship.

On April 12, 2012, we arrived at the hospital at 5:30 AM to check in for what was one of the most uncertain days in my life, my family’s life, and the life of everyone we touched. I was scheduled for an all-day surgery–a craniotomy. They would be going in at the base of my skull, drilling up to the top of the head, drilling back down through the center of the brain, attempting to reach a tumor on the central nervous system.

What did we know? We knew that I might not wake up ever again, that I might be incapacitated the rest of my life, many other options, but for sure I would have to relearn the motor skills of walking, etc.

I remember going to bed the night before thinking, “No matter how scared I am in the morning, I choose worship!!”

We got to the hospital and checked in, and then, people began showing up. I continued to stay in a good frame of mind and acting like I was having a little knee replacement surgery or something.

When the staff came to get me and told me to say my “goodbyes” I have to admit I got a little closer to giving up on an “attitude of worship.” I’ll never forget the long ride down the hall, with Robin holding my hand saying, “I love you” and not knowing if that would be the last. (I still weep when I think and write about it).

After I had to let Robin go, they wheeled me into the surgery room, and I remember choosing to intentionally shift my mind back to worship. I was more “awake” than I think I was supposed to be, so I greeted each person in the room, asked how their day was so far, told them this was going to be a great surgery, and that I personally want to thank each of them for their service.

Did I get to everyone? I have no idea, but I tried.

When Saul faced scary days he chose to worship. When I face scary days I do my best to worship!

Question: What scary, uncertain situation in your life do you need to choose to say, “Yes, Lord” and give over to worship?

I promise, it’s the greatest decision that you will ever make in your entire life. That one decision will release the supernatural ability of God in your life!!!

And, by the way, I woke up, learned to walk again, ride a bike again, and have never been more satisfied. They were unable to get a good reading on the tumor, so we still don’t know how scary it actually it is, but we choose to keep going everyday with a life of worship!

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