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The Weirdness of Worship

One of the stories that shaped our ministry is the conversion of Apostle Paul. It was his encounter with God that shaped our name, much of our philosophy, and the reason we do MCKBD.

Saul, later known as Paul, was on a road to persecute and prosecute believers when he had an encounter with God in the middle of a road!!! He fell to the ground, and cried out, “Yes, Lord,” and that was his first act of worship.

We as believers have sometimes convinced ourselves that “worship” is the sanctuary, with the band, the worship leaders, the anointed, the produced, the video elements, the graphic treatments, and the list goes on. I believe that in many ways some of us, me at times, have missed “the weirdness of worship.”

Saul didn’t begin to worship in an “experience,” an outreach, a seeker-sensitive service, or a night of worship. He began his life of worship in the middle of a dirt road, while being met by a loving God, that blinded him in response to his worship.

Why do we do “My Church is Kind of a Big Deal”? (Which by the way was Willie George’s brilliancy, not mine) We do it to provide a “dirt road” opportunity for folks that might not be ready for a full worship experience yet! The don’t understand it, desire it, or even contemplate it, but they will come to a huge food festival in a heartbeat! They will come to a fire works show! They will come play games with their kids! They will come to “have a blast,” and in doing so, they are beginning to “Honor God, and build healthy relationships.…”

For some, worship is simply driving into the parking lot. That willingness is them saying, “Yes, Lord!” and is the beginning of the life of worship. Does it start weird? You bet ya! And the Bible is full of weird worship experiences! We’ll talk about one this week.

This past week, in the lobby, a couple was visibly waiting for me to free up to tell me something. They proceeded to thank me. I asked them, “…for what?” They went on to say that when they came to church they were atheists but were willing to give it a try because we were doing something “weird.” So, they came, hung out, started building relationships, and began having a blast. You guessed it…after a few months, they surrendered their lives to Christ! They led themselves to Christ by simply beginning to “Honor God, build healthy relationships, and having a blast”.

Two questions:

  • What can you go do that is “fun” but is actually worship? It could be taking your wife to play miniature golf and having a great date night.  That is worship!!
  • Who are you bringing to MKCBD? And I am not talking about one person. I am talking about many. I promise you that if you will make the effort, invite them, have fun with them, and not pressure them, they will have a blast! And I promise you that approach over time will lead them to give their lives to Christ!!

Worship can be weird! Honor God, build healthy relationships, and choose to have a blast!

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