Thank you all for your prayers, words of encouragement and support for Pastor Clark, Robin and the kids! They feel your love and appreciate the goodness that surrounds them.

Pastor Clark was able to go into surgery early this morning. The doctors gave a great progress report throughout the surgery and completed the surgery in about 2 hours.

He is now in recovery with Robin by his side and is tired, but in great spirits. We particularly want to celebrate that Pastor Clark is able to speak, which is a tremendous blessing with the surgery taking place near his vocal chords. Again, we are reminded that God can do anything!

It is awesome to see how the body of Christ unites during a crisis, we also know this is only possible through our Heavenly Father, Pastor Clark and the vision God has given him for the church.

We are blessed to see our church unite to pray on Pastor Clark’s behalf and care for their family. We see God’s work being done everyday through you.

If you would like to support the Mitchell’s, there are several ways to care for them.

  • Pray – Continue to pray for healing and rest in the coming days.
  • Meals – If you would like to send a gift card for meals, please mail them to PO Box 722764 Norman, OK 73070 or leave them with the receptionist at the Norman Campus
  • Words of Encouragement – please mail cards or notes to the address above, email or post them here on the site.


Pastor Sam Wampler

Thanks for taking the time to check on Pastor Clark’s health. Here are a few updates:

Pastor Clark had an MRI on Monday of the new spot on the brain and is waiting for more conclusive information. While there is a possibility of it being another tumor, it is very small and it is in a location that is impossible to get to. While it is possible that it was the cause of the paralyzation experienced a few weeks ago, there is not conclusive evidence that it is the single cause.

What is conclusive is that 2 of the discs in Pastor Clark’s spine are ruptured and putting tremendous pressure on his spinal chord. This could also be the cause of the episode of paralyzation. Due to the tremendous pressure on the spinal chord, the doctors have suggested surgery ASAP to repair the discs before there is any permanent damage. That surgery is scheduled for this Friday, June 21.

Many people have asked how they can help during this time. These are the best way’s to support Pastor Clark and his family:

  • Pray
  • Gift Cards – If you would like to send a gift card for meals, please mail them to PO Box 722764 Norman, OK 73070 or leave them with the receptionist at the Norman Campus.
  • Words of Encouragement – please mail cards or notes to the address above, email, or post here on Pastor Clark’s blog.

We will keep you posted, and at the latest, we will share an update after the surgery on Friday.

While all these things are beyond challenging, please know that there is nothing, at this point, that appears to be immediately life threatening. Pastor Clark is excited to have our pastors and his friends teaching on Heroes over the next few weeks, and as always, Pastor Clark is optimistic and ready to be back ASAP to continue to lead us into our destiny of seeing cities transformed one life at a time!


The Journey Church Lead Team

End of 2012 Health Update

Pastor Clark —  December 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

Well, this was a year that God proved He really can do anything! I had no idea at this time last year what 2012 would hold for me, but once again I can say, “God proved His faithfulness!”

The health update is simple: My relationship with God has never been better. My marriage has never been better. Our family has never been better. Journey Church has never been better. Loveworks Leadership has never been better. My friendships have never been better.

So all that being said, that just leaves my body, which *has* been better. But I have to keep the whole picture in perspective.

Out of the three tumors, the one the doctors are most concerned about does not show any signs of being malignant. That does not mean it doesn’t create some major inconveniences in life, but again, keeping it all in perspective, we are blessed!

The tumor in the 8th cranial nerve (leading to my ear) is showing some growth again. We will monitor it, along with all the others, over the next six months and then decide what to do. All the tumors interface with many nerves, so any treatment plan could do more harm than good.

Many people have commented on how “strong” I have been throughout this process. Please do not fool yourself! There are many moments when I lay on the floor and weep to my God trying to make sense of it all. But after I weep, I stand back up and do the only thing I know how to do — live like He is capable of doing anything!

As we enter 2013 we will continue to monitor all the tumors every six months. But once again, the big picture is that we get to pursue our dreams like never before!

Thank you all for your support and love! We could not have done it without you!

Focusing in

Pastor Clark —  July 6, 2012 — 1 Comment

First, I want to apologize for not being more consistent with updating!

Overall, I feel like I am functioning at about 50% of what is normal for me. There are still many challenges with coordination, but I have no doubt they will get better with time. One of the issues I am working through is the amount of energy that it takes even to do the small things. That is new to me and has affected the way I function quite a bit! I have always been able to juggle many things at a time and right now that is simply not a reality. So I do not take many phone calls, I do not add extra things to my schedule, and I do not allow things to distract me so that I can focus my energy on my health, my family, and my primary responsibilities at the church and Loveworks!

On Sunday, July 1, we were enjoying some time at the lake with Robin’s family when her Dad suffered a major heart attack. (During which Robin saved his life, but I’ll tell that story some other time. She is brilliant!) He has been released to go home and will have triple bypass surgery in the next 4 – 6 weeks. Needless to say, that has added to the load that we are carrying through this season.

You are amazing!!! Your prayers, encouragements, etc. have sustained us through this challenging time. We have never be more proud of all that God is doing through the ministries of JourneyChurch and Loveworks! The favor of God is shining on both and we will run after Him with all of our hearts!

How you can help:

  • Continue to pray!!!!!
  • Continue to support all of our great team!
  • Be ready to rock and roll!!! I will begin teaching full time on July 29 and I am ready to run! (Ready spiritually; physically I seem to wobble a little bit.)
  • Trust God to do far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!
    (Ephesians 3:20)

Update from our family….

Happy Thursday!!! We pray that your family is having an incredible week as school ends and summer starts. Our family loves the summer and spending time playing together. Our kids are looking forward to lots of time in the water, hanging with friends, along with VBX, Summer Camp, and going to Haiti.

Pastor Clark is doing well and continuing to recover. I know that he is frustrated and ready to feel 100%, but he is improving everyday. Please continue to pray for him to be able to rest and actually sleep, also for continued balance and stability. We had a follow up appointment this week with the surgeon, and he is encouraged with the progress but reminded us that it will take time to fully recover. We are ready to be back to normal life and Pastor Clark is excited about being back and teaching on The Lord’s Prayer the month of June. We are looking forward to studying it with you on Sundays and with our small group, and hope you will make it a priority to attend and connect with a group of people.

Have a great week!!


The number one question people ask, which I greatly appreciate is, “how are you doing?”

The honest, raw answer is: I’m miserable! And, I’m blessed!

I’m miserable because:

  • My brain is swollen and my head hurts.
  • My whole body hurts like heck.
  • I’m nauseated most of the time.
  • I don’t sleep well.
  • I feel like a burden to my family.
  • I can’t drive myself anywhere.
  • I can’t return phone calls, texts, emails, have appointments, etc., because I can’t keep up with it all and rest.
  • And that just gets things started…

I’m blessed because:

  • I am alive.
  • I am making a full recovery.
  • I have an amazing, incredible wife.
  • I have the best kids in the world.
  • I have great friends and a great support system.

My commitment is to:

  • Bring God glory!
  • In Psalms 106:20 it talks about how the children of Israel changed God’s glory into an idol.
  • We change God’s glory into an idol when we make our story (our lives) about ourselves, and not about God’s glory!
  • We do that when we are selfish during great times, and we do that when we are selfish in times of adversity.
  • In neither of the above should we be more focused on our circumstances or comfort than we are on God.
  • To take the time to heal for the long run, and not to feel pressured (by myself) to shortchange the healing process. There is a big difference between rehab and healing. I can set the pace of rehab (which we are rocking), but I can’t control the pace of healing.

By God’s grace, I have the opportunity to walk through this season of life! While God did not do this to me, He did, and does, share His grace with me to overcome adversity and walk in victory! While I would not wish this season on anyone, I will embrace what God is doing through it. I am doing my best to bring Him glory and count it an honor to endure it, if in the end, it serves to further His Kingdom and minister to others!

How to pray:

  • Pray for God to be glorified!
  • Pray for my family!
  • Pray for continued healing! (which is happening)
  • Pray for lives to be changed!
  • Pray for Tyler B.! He is a 12 year old in our church that is on the liver transplant list. He is in PICU, on a vent, awaiting a liver. Every time I begin to feel sorry for myself, I pray for Tyler! I am blessed because this season will end soon for me and I will get to go back to everyday life!

Again, thank you for everything! For those who attend Journey, I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday! You will love my friend Pastor Herbert Cooper who will be teaching this weekend for me!