Health Update

Pastor Clark —  June 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

Journey Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers for Robin and I, and our family! We felt your support as we traveled to the Mayo Clinic and experienced the incredible place that it is! We even ran into some old friends and had a unique opportunity to encourage them on their journey!

While my tumors are still there, we came home with lots of knowledge and options for a bright future! Of course, with that knowledge comes great responsibility, too. Click below for a video update.

Now that it’s summer, I also want to give a shout out to some exciting things that we have going on just for our Journey family!

Come hang out for Sweet Sundays in the Park, at our very own JourneyChurch Park on Sunday evenings from 5:30 – 8:30 PM. We have music, games, sports, Life Group hangouts and then Cafe3.20 serves a dessert-of-the-week after the 6:00 PM worship experience! (this Sunday is fudge brownies!!) We also have a new opportunity for your family to win a family prize-of-the-week!  Post a family photo to facebook, instragram or twitter with the hashtag #JourneyFamily to be in the drawing for the next family prize! If you post a picture of your family taken at Sweet Sundays in the Park, your name will be in the drawing TWICE! Next week’s prize is a Cafe3.20 and moon-bounce block party!

Another hot topic is Creative Journey’s next album, REMIX. We want YOU to pick the songs that are recreated for the album by making pledges through our Kickstarter campaign. When you contribute, you get to vote for a song and your money goes to the recording and production costs of the record. Click here to contribute and checkout the other cool incentives like a free copy of the record, guitar or voice lessons, and even a block party that includes the Creative Journey Worship team and Cafe 3.20 showing up in your neighborhood! Don’t wait to buy the album in August because we need your help now to complete this project!

If you have kids in preschool and elementary school, make sure to grab a family night plan when you pickup your kiddos on Sunday. The plans are specifically for our study, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and they include tools for you to teach biblical principles at home in fun and creative ways. We know that summer is a different kind of busy, but busy none-the-less, so we hope some of these things are just what your family needs to spend valuable time together soaking up the sun and growing in faith. At JourneyChurch, we are making it One Sweet Summer!

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday to continue teaching and learning more about our Father’s love for us as His children.


Journey Family –

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I wrote a letter for Pastor Adam to share during worship experiences on Sunday, May 25 and I wanted to post it here for anyone who may have missed it.

First, and foremost, my family and I want to thank all the men and women who have served this great country. It is you who are truly our heroes.

We also want to ask you to pray for us specifically this week. The past several months have been nothing short of miraculous and we continually find ourselves giving God glory. We have been blessed with so much fruitfulness in our lives that it has been easy for me to kind-of ignore the realities of my health challenges.

To that point, and due to the stunning opportunities God continues to give us as family, and a church family, we are submitting to our overseers’ and elders’ requests to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

While the thought of it all is very daunting, please know that we are going out of a desire to affirm everything we already do know about the tumors and to be as aggressive as possible in finding current data, as a whole, in regards to the situation. So we do not go out of a panic, or new-discovered crisis, just out of stewardship of the opportunities God has given us.

Please keep us in your constant prayers and especially my kiddos. They have a great support system, and just like us, choose to focus on the positives in our lives instead of the few challenges.

I’ll be here to begin our next study “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” a fresh study that will revolutionize your life, our church, and our cities forever! So bring somebody!

Blessings, have an e3:20 week, and let’s kick-off our best summer ever next Sunday!


Christmas Spectacular

Pastor Clark —  December 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Journey Family,

I hope you’ve had an incredible week! We are ready for you to join us for Christmas Spectacular starting TONIGHT! It has been amazing to share the simple and most valuable aspects of this season with you throughout the Simply Christmas series and Advent, and I am expecting God to do even greater things as we continue and have over 10,000 people come through our doors this weekend! We have experiences Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that there is plenty of space for everyone to join us.

Continue inviting and praying for those who will attend. Christmas Spectacular is our gift to the community and an opportunity for us to share the Light of the world with thousands of people. All glory to God, I believe the environment He has allowed us to create is the best Christmas environment in Oklahoma! I can’t wait to worship with you, have a blast with you, and see lives transformed! It’s going to be big and I want you, your family and your friends to be there, too!

The next few days are going to be simply spectacular! See you soon!

Pastor Clark

Fall Update

Pastor Clark —  October 24, 2013 — 3 Comments

Journey Family,

I feel like I am always saying, “it’s been a crazy few weeks,” and it has been! I am so excited about God’s work through the Elephant series and loved having elephants at our Norman Campus a few weekends ago. It was amazing to see the community that took place before and after discussions about a tough subject.

I appreciate your grace and understanding as I spent time with my family OU/TX weekend. Pastor Adam delivered an incredible, God-breathed message about war, and then again about Ephesians 3 when I unexpectedly caught pneumonia. We will finish up the Elephants series this Sunday. I am going to teach about the God of our pain and how to make sense of the pain we go through .

I’ve been blown away by God’s faithfulness so far this semester as He guides us through JC 1360 and other incredible conversations about being healthy and stewarding His blessings to transform cities. I am privileged to serve a body of believers who appreciate my transparency about the health challenges I walk through. Please remember, I am healthy, but susceptible to sickness just like all of you! My body needs extra rest to heal and I try to steer clear of people who are sick so that I don’t complicate things for my immune system. Although Robin and I have had a tough week of pneumonia and bronchitis, we are on the mend, and trusting in the healing power of God who is providing energy and vision for His Kingdom each and every day.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! Go to the doctor and rest when you’re feeling ill. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a can of lysol at your fingertips also!


See you Sunday,
Pastor Clark

First, I want to thank all of you who have so faithfully cared for, prayed for, encouraged, and served our family as we have walked through hell over the past three years! We could not have done it without you!!!

Second, I want to answer the question, “How are you Pastor Clark?” With 100% candor and honesty I can say that I, and we (my family), are okay. We are emotionally worn out from the past few years and are intentionally focusing on staying filled-up spiritually, emotionally and physically. There is no doubt in our minds that God has allowed, not caused, this season in our lives to help us in our effectiveness in ministering to others and proclaiming the Gospel. God is a good, good God!

Third, I want to answer another frequently asked question, “What can we expect as you return?”

  • You can expect for us to passionately pursue the presence of God in everything we do! We are nothing without God’s presence! With that in mind, we will tweak many of our environments to allow for more intentionality in giving you time to connect with God, versus just consuming what is put in front of you.
  • You can expect us to passionately pursue our future! God has called us to see cities transformed, one life at a time. We have been overwhelmingly blessed with our history! And for that, we give all glory to God! We are equally expectant of our future, so we will find the balance of aggressive pursuit of our future, while keeping healthy lines of margin in all areas of our personal lives and the life of our church.
  • You can expect for us to passionately pursue healthy relationships! All blessings flow through relationship. With that in mind, we want everyone to grow in our relationships with God and others! For healthy relationships to happen, we have to figure out how to be healthy emotionally. We want to help you grow into your God-given potential and dreams, not allowing hurts or things of the past to hold you back.
  • You can expect us to passionately try to make you the best pastored people on planet earth! That doesn’t mean that we’ll always succeed, but that is our heart! Simply put, our heart is for God and you. We are honored that you haven chosen to be part of the Journey family!
  • You can expect us to passionately pursue how to live an e3:20 life and will help you do the same! God is for you! Your future is great, so we want to help you discover it and live it out! All of us doing that is the greatest witness we can ever have.

As I step back into teaching this weekend, I celebrate that God has allowed me to be a part of such a committed, generous, loving church! You are a family, and a good one! While there are always things we can work on, there are far more things to celebrate. Because of your commitment, we are in the middle of a great move of God! That cannot happen without consistent commitment from the thousands of people who make Journey their home! I am so proud of you! I look forward to the great years we have ahead of us!

Blessings, Clark

Happy July everyone! I hope this season is great for you and your family!

Thank you all for your continued prayers as I recover from my latest saga of health challenges. Last week was miserable, but the past 2 days I have started to feel a little better. I think my greatest frustration right now is my desire to run hard after the opportunities the Lord has given us, and at the same time having to pace myself so my body can experience a full recovery. It is pretty remarkable to think about all the things the enemy has thrown my way over the last 3 years! I am extremely blessed by God’s faithfulness through it all!

Don’t miss the coming weekends in July at JourneyChurch! This weekend my long time friend, mentor, and spiritual father, David Smith will be teaching. David is one of the best leaders I have ever encountered in my life. He, and his wife Linda, are the one’s who created the Family Vision process, including vision retreats. David will be sharing this weekend on one of his Biblical Heroes.

Take a moment in the coming days to give thanks to God for this amazing country we live in! We are so blessed to live in the USA. Happy 4th of July!

Pastor Clark

Journey Family,

Your prayers and encouragement are making a huge difference! Pastor Clark is over a week into recovery and is doing great!
As we all know, there are rough days and discomfort experienced during healing. He must wear a neck brace 24 hours a day to support the spine as it heals. Please continue to lift Pastor Clark as he walks through this process.

We were excited to see Pastor Clark around the office a bit at the end of last week and support him as he spends the next few weeks resting, healing, and hearing from God about all the awesome things He has planned to accomplish through you and our church in the coming months!

Pastor Clark is excited for us to hear from some of his friends from around the nation the next several weekends. They will continue our series on Biblical heroes and we hope to connect with you at one of our campuses or online.

Remember, there are a few ways to support the Mitchell’s:

  • Pray
  • Check this site for health updates
  • Share words of encouragement
  • Send gift cards for meals

Thank you again for the pouring of love and support. We are blessed to call our church our family!

Have a great week,
Lead Team

Thank you all, again, for your continued prayers and encouragement for Pastor Clark and his family. After returning home to recover on Saturday afternoon, Pastor Clark is feeling some pain and discomfort, but that is expected.

He is already feeling some relief now that the ruptured discs are repaired, praise God!! He is also able to eat and swallow. His spirits are high and he is happy to be in his home with his family to recover and rest adequately. Continued prayers, words of encouragement, and gift cards for meals are a huge blessing to their family. Let’s continue to show the world what it means to care for one another as we come together, as the body of Christ, to support our Pastor. We are grateful to witness this happening in our house. God is good, all the time!

Have a great week,
Pastor Sam and Journey Church Lead Team