My 2010 Election Endorsement – Part two —  October 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

So here we go! After much prayer, thought, reflection, fasting, and research I have concluded that in November 2010 I endorse….

The Church!!!

Yes, I am a political junkie! But more than a political junkie, I am passionate about the Bride of Christ living into her potential and truly making a marked difference in our world!

I am not talking about the church endorsing candidates, or getting behind certain issues. I am not talking about the church saying, “Yes” or “No” to someone else’s ideas. I am not talking about the church-bashing people for thinking differently than they do.

I am talking about the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the House of God, the Church rising up to a new level of leadership! I am talking about the church praying for God to give us the most innovative, intuitive ideas and us implementing them! I am talking about the church getting off her seat, rolling up her sleeves, and getting to work!

I love how Henderson Hills Baptist Church is reaching those in need through their Ministries of Jesus. They provide free dental and medical care! They provide recovery counseling! They provide transformational counseling! They provide a fitness center!

I love how Christ Fellowship in Florida has an orphanage! I love how they have a ministry to help develop leaders in the marketplace! I love how they have a healthcare ministry!

I love how Gateway Church in the DFW area gives away cars to those in need! I love how they have helped single moms go back to college! I love how they dream of building an apartment complex for single moms! Providing them an affordable place to live, giving them a community for their kids, and helping support them as they get formal education!

I love how you, Journey Church, are moving into your call to see a city transformed! I love that you are tutoring kids in our public school systems! I love how you are about to launch an after school initiative for Jr. High students! I love how you are trusting God to provide the funds to build a hospital in Haiti! I love how you are continually becoming the church!

Those are just a few examples of what I love! But, there is so much more to be done! In November, as citizens of the greatest nation on earth, each one of us needs to go vote! We do need to pray, research, fast, etc. about the candidate we are going to elect, but more importantly we need to continue to do all we can to help the church become all she can be in transforming our communities, states, nation, and world!

I endorse the church! Her best years are yet to come!

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