End of 2012 Health Update

Pastor Clark —  December 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

Well, this was a year that God proved He really can do anything! I had no idea at this time last year what 2012 would hold for me, but once again I can say, “God proved His faithfulness!”

The health update is simple: My relationship with God has never been better. My marriage has never been better. Our family has never been better. Journey Church has never been better. Loveworks Leadership has never been better. My friendships have never been better.

So all that being said, that just leaves my body, which *has* been better. But I have to keep the whole picture in perspective.

Out of the three tumors, the one the doctors are most concerned about does not show any signs of being malignant. That does not mean it doesn’t create some major inconveniences in life, but again, keeping it all in perspective, we are blessed!

The tumor in the 8th cranial nerve (leading to my ear) is showing some growth again. We will monitor it, along with all the others, over the next six months and then decide what to do. All the tumors interface with many nerves, so any treatment plan could do more harm than good.

Many people have commented on how “strong” I have been throughout this process. Please do not fool yourself! There are many moments when I lay on the floor and weep to my God trying to make sense of it all. But after I weep, I stand back up and do the only thing I know how to do — live like He is capable of doing anything!

As we enter 2013 we will continue to monitor all the tumors every six months. But once again, the big picture is that we get to pursue our dreams like never before!

Thank you all for your support and love! We could not have done it without you!

One response to End of 2012 Health Update

  1. My wife Bobbie and I are in prayer for your complete healing. Your courage and faith are no less than expressed as complete. Keep Being a Great Witness for the Lord Our God in/through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Charlotte, NC

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