Dreams Come True – Part 2

Pastor Clark —  January 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

When I met Bill Sparks almost 8 years ago, I quickly noticed that he loved to dream! He was always talking about what the future looked like and where his Godly ambition would take him, but there was something a little different about him. The characteristic I began to notice was his innate desire to live well within the provision God had for him. There was absolutely no desire to get ahead of the provision. The other thing I noticed was that provision, to him and his brother John, meant the cash they had in hand, not the credit limits they could establish.

Over the years I have watched both brothers trust God to grow their chiropractic practices and to care for their patients in the greatest way possible. The other very noticeable quality was their desire to earnestly hear the voice of God about the timing of their future.

About 2 years ago we began to have discussions about God’s timing in birthing a second Sparks Clinic. Throughout the following months, both spent their hours away from the clinic driving around, meeting with business leaders to understand the different demographics in the Norman/Moore area. After much prayer, they found a lot on Telephone Road and they bought it, for cash! The next step was to find a building design that would provide the best experience for their patients. Upon doing so they began construction and the second Sparks Clinic will open for business in the coming months! Both men are Godly, talented, caring, and debt free! Bill and John, I’m proud of both of you for living the dream!

What’s interesting is how God brought Sam’s dream together in a matter of months, and the Sparks’ dream over a couple of years. It is important to understand that God has a dream for you! His timing always works out when we diligently seek and surrender to Him!

One response to Dreams Come True – Part 2

  1. One day I hope you can do a story like this and me and my company. Been in business a little over 4 yrs now and I have had to almost give up on my hopes & dreams several times of what God put upon my heart years ago to do. I have a workroom in my house and hope to have a warehouse someday. If you ever need any candles, lotions, soaps, perfume, scent cubes, potpourri spray please just let me know and even deliver!! My website is http://www.heartsaglow.net.

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