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Church Family,

I hope you’re staying warm and having a great week! With the snow and ice on Sunday I want to share with you here about some big, exciting things coming up for anyone who may have missed last weekend. Our Dream Offering and One Life, 12-month commitments take place this Sunday, November 23rd. God’s favor and opportunities are upon us and we are ready to run!

Throughout our One Life study, we’ve learned about the abundant life we experience when we live in sync with Christ. As a church, our dream is to equip, encourage and empower you to live into your God-given potential and dreams. With that, we asked you to be devoted to the following Biblical commitments, which support you on your journey.

  1. Biblical Devotion
  2. Biblical Health
  3. Biblical Community
  4. Biblical Generosity (Time – Talent – Treasure)
  5. Biblical Influence

In addition to the Biblical commitments, we asked you to seek God about making 12-month generous, financial commitments. These commitments are above your normal tithe, to fund projects that will reach the next generation and further the Kingdom. To begin these One Life commitments, we invite you to give a portion of your commitment to our annual Dream Offering.

Each year we spend time praying and asking God to reveal ministry opportunities that will help transform cities. 100% of the Dream Offering will go toward funding these opportunities. It is important for our church to partner with others who are actively involved in transforming cities so that we continue living out our mission as a church. The projects and ministries that we are supporting this year are: JourneyChurch Intern Program, Loveworks Leadership, Inc., The Gallery at The Loveworks Center, JourneyKIDS Mobile, Church Planting, Norman Campus Auditorium, Future Norman Campus Master Planning, Journey Park, Transitional Homes, and Vision Contingency. Each of these projects results in life-change and that is our ultimate priority.

Please remember, One Life and Dream Offering are not taking the place of your normal tithe. Your gifts are Spirit-led, abundant amounts above your tithe. We simply ask that you hear God and respond to the commitment He is asking you to make this Sunday.

We are a generous church of committed and Spiritual people who want to see our cities transformed one life at a time. Be encouraged to seek God throughout the remainder of this week, asking Him to impress the Biblical commitments upon your family and stir your heart for the needs in our community. Then, come on Sunday prepared to respond with commitments to One Life and Dream Offering. The wake of change we are creating in our communities will last for generations to come. Join me in these opportunities to make the most of our one life.


Pastor Clark


The third dream I want to share with you is about a young man, Brian Andrews. I had been aware of Brian for several years, but never had the opportunity to get to know him. A couple of months ago I made the decision that it was time to invest in my physical body (we will talk more about that later!), but I’m pretty picky about where I work out. This is when I got to know Brian. I was researching Norman’s gyms and found BA Fitness. I dropped by to check things out and started working out the next day!

Brian’s story is filled with ups and downs, like we all experience. He had plenty of opportunities to give up on his dreams, but he kept trusting God! Recently, we were talking about his time serving our country in Iraq and he said it ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to him! God moved in his life throughout that time and energized Brian about not only pursuing his dreams, but also God’s dream for his life. And through that encounter, BA Fitness was birthed!

Within six months they were almost filled to capacity, so they have already had to expand! Not only does Brian trust God, he functions in excellence and honors his clients. A few weeks ago I was there working out and another client shared that she didn’t have time for extra cardio because of errands she needed to run for Christmas dinner. One of the employees took the list, headed to the store, and the client did her cardio! That is service!

I love seeing dreams come true and am proud of Brian, and the team, for trusting in a big, big God! 

Dreams Come True – Part 2

Pastor Clark —  January 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

When I met Bill Sparks almost 8 years ago, I quickly noticed that he loved to dream! He was always talking about what the future looked like and where his Godly ambition would take him, but there was something a little different about him. The characteristic I began to notice was his innate desire to live well within the provision God had for him. There was absolutely no desire to get ahead of the provision. The other thing I noticed was that provision, to him and his brother John, meant the cash they had in hand, not the credit limits they could establish.

Over the years I have watched both brothers trust God to grow their chiropractic practices and to care for their patients in the greatest way possible. The other very noticeable quality was their desire to earnestly hear the voice of God about the timing of their future.

About 2 years ago we began to have discussions about God’s timing in birthing a second Sparks Clinic. Throughout the following months, both spent their hours away from the clinic driving around, meeting with business leaders to understand the different demographics in the Norman/Moore area. After much prayer, they found a lot on Telephone Road and they bought it, for cash! The next step was to find a building design that would provide the best experience for their patients. Upon doing so they began construction and the second Sparks Clinic will open for business in the coming months! Both men are Godly, talented, caring, and debt free! Bill and John, I’m proud of both of you for living the dream!

What’s interesting is how God brought Sam’s dream together in a matter of months, and the Sparks’ dream over a couple of years. It is important to understand that God has a dream for you! His timing always works out when we diligently seek and surrender to Him!

Dreams Come True – Part 1

Pastor Clark —  January 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

Since the beginning of Journey Church it has been our dream to help you live into your dreams. In everything we do, we prayerfully consider how to help you live into your God-given potential and dreams. Over the next week I want to share 3 stories with you about people that are seeing their dreams become reality.


Patriot Ford

Sam Wampler, a JourneyChurch.TV elder, has been in the auto industry since we met. One of the things that always impressed me about Sam was that he never chased “the money,” but instead served a dealer with excellence and loyalty for many years.

About a year ago at this time, God began to show that He had been working behind the scenes for Sam to have his own dealership. After months of due diligence and prayer, Patriot Ford opened the summer of 2011, under Sam’s ownership, in Purcell, OK.

Because of his commitment to excellence, service and honor, and building a great team, the dealership has done extremely well! I could not be more proud of Sam, Lori, Gage, and Caleb. They waited patiently, then ran hard, surrendered their business to God, and are living a blessed life!